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Improve Customer Relations


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Enhance Communication

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Stay Up-to-Date

The importance of maintaining a managerial logbook can provide you with information relevant to each and every shift. Stay informed at all times with specific details on operations, employees, and customer experiences accessible all in one place, allowing your business to run at its finest.

With Zip Shiftbook, streamline the way you take notes and easily track your daily operations. The dashboard feature makes it easy to see any upcoming events, the performance of your employees and the feedback from your customers.

digitizing your logbooks

Digitize Your Logbooks

Staying organized is key to operating your business efficiently. From the cash register to the kitchen, technology is an integral part of how restaurants operate efficiently yet some managers are still using pen and paper logbooks.

With Zip Shiftbook, managers can generate digital logbooks and leave behind traditional methods. When jotting down notes or important shifthighlights in Zip Shiftbook, you make it simple for your management team to share information with each other so everyone is on the same page.

Monitor Employee Conduct

Monitoring employee performance is essential to maintain operational standards. With Zip Shiftbook, you can identify those that perform well and those who don’t, giving you insight into which staff members you can rely on and which ones need additional training or even termination.

Zip Shiftbook gives you the opportunity to measure your team, touch base with individual employees and significantly improve communication. Performance monitoring makes it possible to catch mistakes early and make adjustments that will benefit your employees.

monitor employee conduct
establish standards

Establish Standards

Logging every aspect of each shift with detailed reports can give you a better understanding of what goes on every shift, how to retain what works efficiently, and eliminate the factors that hinder your business growth.

Utilize the notes and reports that Zip Shiftbook provides to help you make informed business decisions and deliver consistency. With Zip Shiftbook, establishing standards for your business becomes easier than ever because you’ll have a deep understanding of your operations.

Organize All of Your Information

Zip Shiftbook makes it easy to stay organized. The home screen separates Notes, Customer Experiences, Upcoming Events and Employee Reports so that everything is easily accessible as soon as you open up the application.

Easy access to each of these features allows you to use the app efficiently, without having to waste unnecessary time figuring where togo. Documenting what happens in your store becomes a simple and easy process, ensuring that any noteworthy occurrence is always recorded. Maintaining a record of employee performance, incidents beyond your control, and customer feedback is essential to improve your restaurant.

bridge customer relations

Enhance the Customer Experience

It’s critical to understand why your customers come back to you so that you can maintain this relationship and even blossom new ones. With Zip Shiftbook, our application features an organized space to make note of those customer experiences, good or bad.

Receiving feedback from those that frequent your business is the key to growth and success. We understand the importance of customer retention and how it can positively boost your sales, and with Zip Shiftbook, you can push your boundaries and attract new consumers.

Mobile On The Go | Easy To Use

Access Business Logbooks on the Go

Zip Shiftbook helps you gain control of your operations. With Zip Shiftbook, you can easily access all of your shift logs on our mobile application. This means that regardless of where you are, you can inputdetails of a previous shift, or even take notes on shift details right whenthey happen. Managing your logbooks is simple. Just find the category of what you want to record and hit enter.

mobile zip shiftbook features section

Cloud Storage

Zip Shiftbook offers a Cloud Library so that you can store important documents and secure them in one location. Allow Zip Shiftbook to improve your communication by ensuring that all of your managers areon the same page with easy access to key information.

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